About Us

Visimind group is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Visimind AB was founded in 1997 as a continuation of research conducted at the Royal University of Technology in Stockholm. The scientific work focused on technology MMT (Mobile Mapping Technology), automated measurement methods and infrastructure inventory system based on GIS and numerical analysis of digital images. The results of the project were awarded in 1998 at the Congress of ISPRS International Symposium on Real-Time Imaging and Dynamic Analysis of the Hakodate (Japan) Award Young Author Award. Visimind Group consists of three companies located in Sweden (Visimind AB), Poland (Visimind Ltd Sp. Z oo), Italy (Visimind srl) and Slovakia (Visimind Ltd.). Polish Branch based in Olsztyn.

Activity Profile

Visimind deals mainly with the acquisition and development of imaging two-and three-dimensional mobile technologies in photogrammetry and remote sensing (laser scanning), based on the use of satellite positioning systems. It provides efficient and comprehensive solutions, which support the communication processes, documentation and property management. Provides a wide range of services ranging from consulting and training, through construction and implementation of applications and databases of geographic information, advice on hardware and networking solutions to the health service.

Powers Visimind

MMT - Mobile Mapping Technology

Visimind offers services in the field of efficient methods for collecting spatial information. Mobile technology, using satellite positioning systems allow for massive and precise acquisition of data on energy and road infrastructure, urban areas and the natural environment. Data provided by Visimind include photographic imaging, thermal imaging and laser from the deck of the car, train, helicopter and aircraft. The coupling module with high positioning resolution digital cameras and laser scanner allows you to create two-and three-dimensional terrain models, ready to play and the use of "desk" User. Together with the data necessary Visimind offers dedicated software inventory management and intelligence.

Fast data acquisition and relatively low cost of obtaining them provide access to timely, high quality geospatial information.

GIS - Geographic Information System

Spatial information systems occupy an increasingly significant position in state institutions and organizations whose activity is linked to the infrastructure and space. Digital maps and systems of managing them has become widely used and developed. Visimind provides services related to the creation of dedicated software applications and GIS, spatial information systems, customizing the user's needs, the development of digital maps and training and consultancy in the field of GIS.

AM - Asset Management

The process of infrastructure asset management companies, the investments or the removal and prevention of accidents requires access to current and reliable information about the state of qualitative and quantitative resources. Increasingly, it is necessary to also have a tool to manage this information. Visimind specializes in consulting and providing solutions in this field with particular emphasis on energy and road construction.

Vision and mission

Visimind mission is to follow the dynamic development and the needs of our clients. Our goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of the modernization of technology used and methods to provide high quality, efficient solutions that best fit its specific characteristics and needs of the client, ensuring that objectives are achieved and to ensure the safety of the investments.

We want to be the partner of choice, not one of the dozens of companies with similar profiles. We keep up with the competition in accordance with the law and standards of business ethics. Our intention is to provide the highest level of partnership.

Actively use the opportunities for exchange of knowledge and resources within the Group Visimind. We care about upgrading the skills of our employees, encouraging them to take action and initiatives to strengthen the good reputation of our company.

We are not afraid pioneering studies. We are ready for the challenges in all areas of our business.


Over 11 years of activity in the European markets, Visimind Group gained extensive experience in the field of photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS, supported by references to the successfully completed projects for companies and institutions coming from various sectors of the economy. Visimind is active in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Slovakia and Poland, since 2007 also in Turkey, Ukraine and Italy. 

Visimind staff is compiled of a team of international experts in the field of road, electricity, land management, surveying, GIS, computer science, software engineering and management. The projects implemented by Visimind are conducted in accordance with the PRINCE2 project management methodology.

Visimind AB | Södra långgatan 23, 169 59 Solna, SWEDEN | Phone +46 (0) 8 594 955 49